For Overseas Orders

Thank you for visiting our site.
We will explain the flow when people from overseas (outside of Japan) place an order.
*If your browser has a translation function, you can use it to use the cart, but some parts of it may not work, so we accept orders from overseas individually by email.

[Flow of overseas shipping transactions]

1.Please apply from the dedicated form below.

2.After submitting the form, please wait for an email from our shop.

3.Our shop will let you know the estimate including shipping cost and the payment destination.
*The payment method is PayPal only. Our PayPal account (email address) is ""

4.We will ship it in 5 to 7 days after the check.
*It will be shipped by international e-packet.


We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.
We may not accept your order depending on the country of delivery.
Due to the effects of the coronavirus, international flights have been suspended, and delivery may not be possible depending on the country of delivery.

[Overseas Shipping Order Form]

  • STEP 1 入力
  • STEP 2 確認
  • STEP 3 完了
Please fill in the form below.
[必須] mean Required.
Please confirm the URL of the product page or the product name and enter it.
It is sold in 50 cm units.